PITÚ Original

PITÚ is a Brazilian spirit made of pure sugar cane. It is also known as “sugar cane schnapps”, and is the national drink of Brazil, where it is usually drunk neat, as Caipirinha, or mixed with fruit juices. In Europe, PITÚ is most commonly used as PITÚrinha – the premium Caipirinha with PITÚ.

PITÚ is produced from pure sugar cane. It should therefore not be compared with white rum, which is manufactured from sugar cane leftovers such as molasses. PITÚ only uses the best, most selected sugar cane, distilled and processed to the highest technical standards. The harvested green sugar cane is shredded into small pieces, the chaff removed, and the product then mashed.

After the mash has been fermented, it is then distilled so that the distillate has a high alcohol content. The full-bodied typical tart taste of sugar cane can still be tasted at this level of alcohol content. Its unique “single variety”, fruity and dry taste is an outstanding quality characteristic of PITÚ and forms the ideal basis for a PITÚrinha.
38% vol.

Mixtips with PITÚ Original


PITÚ Cocotida

PITÚ Cocotida is a coconut liqueur, produced by a secret recipe, based on PITÚ Especial, coconut and cream.
High-quality natural coconut essences lend PITÚ Cocotida its light, creamy taste. The golden, barrel-aged PITÚ Especial provides a soft note that underlines this exotic taste experience.
Enjoy PITÚ Cocotida neat on the rocks or as a long drink, e.g. mixed with pineapple juice.
16% vol.

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PITÚ Especial

PITÚ Especial is distilled from the pure juice of freshly-harvested sugar cane. After distillation, it is left for storage and maturation for a minimum of one year in oak-wood casks in the province of Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil. It’s during this time of maturation that PITÚ Especial acquires its golden brown hue and its characteristic flavour. By virtue of these characteristics, PITÚ Especial is especially enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as PITÚrinha Especial. PITÚ Especial 500 ml edition is available in all good stores, exclusively as a high-quality gift package.

41 % vol.




PITÚ MATURIDADO 700 ml edition is distilled from the pure juice of freshly-harvested sugar cane. The subsequent storage period in oak-wood casks for a minimum of three years in the province of Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil, gives the product its golden hue and its mild, harmonious flavour. Enjoy PITÚ MATURIDADO neat, on the rocks or as PITÚrinha Deluxe – the premium version of PITÚrinha.
43,5 % vol.